We have paid CK Akonnor $508,108, we still owe $220,000 – Ministry of Youth and Sports

We have paid CK Akonnor $508,108, we still owe $220,000 – Ministry of Youth and Sports

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The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) has issued a statement to clarify the contractual payments owed to the former coach of the Black Stars, Charles Kwablan Akonnor, following the termination of his contract.

In response to a recent media publication by the Graphic Sports regarding the amount of money owed to coach Akonnor, the Ministry provided a breakdown of the payment transactions in accordance with the agreement between him and the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

According to the Ministry’s statement, after the termination of Coach Akonnor’s contract, he received an initial payment of GH₵318,378.41, equivalent to $54,054.06 at an exchange rate of 5.89. This payment was disbursed on 22nd October 2021.

Subsequently, on 10th February 2022, he received an amount of GH₵335,675.71, equivalent to $54,054.06 at an exchange rate of 6.21.

The statement added that on January 12, 2023, an additional amount of GH₵860,000.00, equivalent to $100,000, was disbursed at an exchange rate of 8.60.

Furthermore, on July 27, 2023, Coach Akonnor was paid an additional $30,000.00 by cheque, which he declined, opting instead for a bank transfer, the statement said, adding that the bank transfer was successfully effected on Monday, July 31, 2023.

In total, Coach Akonnor has received $508,108.12, leaving an outstanding balance of $220,000.

The Ministry highlighted that the detailed provisions of the contractual agreement between Coach Akonnor and the Ghana Football Association were available for reference and verification.

Acknowledging the outstanding arrears owed to Coach Akonnor, the Ministry stated that they are diligently working to source funds to settle the remaining outstanding payments. They also apologized for any inconveniences caused due to delays in the payment schedule, attributing them to funding constraints.

The Ministry emphasized its commitment to supporting sports personalities and coaches and assured transparency and fairness in all dealings with them.

It will be recalled that coach Akonnor, in response to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif’s claim that he had been paid $100,000 as part of his exit package, contradicted the statement, stating that the amount mentioned was not accurate. 

Coach Akonnor clarified that he received an amount in cedis upon the termination of his contract and was asked to convert it to dollars using the Bank of Ghana rate. However, the resulting amount was significantly lower than the quoted figure.

He urged the Minister to refer to the contract between him and the Ghana Football Association to ascertain the correct payment details.

source: Graphic Online

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