Selom Darku, Alfred Emmanuel Adjartey and two others set for Kickboxing World classic championship in Atalanta

Selom Darku, Alfred Emmanuel Adjartey and two others set for Kickboxing World classic championship in Atalanta

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International Kickboxing Federation-PKB Ghana, will be representing at the upcoming International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) World Classic in Georgia few months time.

Highly ranked fighter with huge prospect in Kickboxing, Selom Darku is amongst the list of fighters who will make the trip. Basir Samir, Rahman Anang and Alfred Emmanuel Adjartey are fighters expected to travel to US in defending the Red, Gold and Green colors of the West African Country.

The Championship according to organisers will be a 3-day event, with date slated for August 4th- 6th 2023, precisely Atlanta, Georgia.

Custom Championship belts, Men-Women- Junior, Full and semi contact, 4 Rule styles and 4 classes are the disciplines to be fought for with awards expected to be offered to fighters who makes a good mark.


Alfred Emmanuel Adjartey

Ring name: Kila

Weight : 65kg

fight record : 14-0-0(12 KO)

4 international fights

2x gold medalist

Former lightweight and light welter weight National and West African champion

Current Armed Forces best boxer.

Watch fights in the link below

Rahman Anang

First fight in 2018
African championship Bukum squad Accra (won)

Second fight on 8 Sept 2018

Fight 1 Accra sports stadium (won)

3) July 2019

Mens championship Togo(lost)

4) March 2021

Greater Accra championship (won)

Selom Darku

Ring name: Spiderman
Height: 5.9
Fights: Wins (14), Lose (1l) Draw (0) KO’S (0).

Had fights in Togo and Nigeria.

January, 2022 Won in Cote D’Ivoire.

The young fighter first made appearance in the ring in September 17, 2011 in a global champion held in Togo an has since moved away from an amateur to a professional kickboxer and won glory for Ghana.

Darku, engaged in the 2012 Championship in Nigeria before appearing in the 2016 tournament in Ivory Coast four years later. In March, 30 2019 he made the squad for the Nigeria championship where he did not disappoint but won a medal for IKF Pkb.

Selom won his last fight in Lome, Togo where he was awarded a medal.

John Akurigo

The 38-year old fighter who begun a path for kickboxing made his debut in October, 29 2004, where he fought at the middle division is amongst the list of kickboxers who can not be overlooked with his hardwork and determination.

Akurigo, in 23 bouts recorded 17 Knockouts with 6 loses, having fought both in Ghana and outside the shores of the west Africa country. He had a per cent of 69.57 Knockouts in all his bouts.

He became a household name in Kickboxing after winning a major championship title in 2017 at the Accra Sports and couple of other silverware.
In 2013, he fought Steven Bendall where he defeated him in Cologne Germany.

He is a boxer and does kickboxing as well.

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Kickboxing Federation keeps rising to the top with great achievements and glories.

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