Atopika Amolga set for Kickboxing championship in North California, September

Atopika Amolga set for Kickboxing championship in North California

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Ghanaian kickboxer Atopika Amolga is making waves with enigmatic fighting skills in Kickboxing and professional boxing.

The Kickboxer has gradually built his name to becoming a household one, following his energy and pace in the ring. He is amongst the few Ghanaian fighters crossing the boundary with mouthwatering skills.

Atopika Amolga have yet to win any belt but pulling up the strings to climb high the ladder of professional boxing. The 33-year-old despite losing a huge bout early this year is bent on reclaiming his lost glory asuch, grabbed the opportunity to exhibit his talent in North North California few months time.

Amolga suffered defeat to Elvis Ahorgah via KO/TKO in Round 2 at the Bukum Boxing arena in April, 2023.

On September 23, 2023 the 5’11” (180cm) will participate in an International Kickboxing PKB|PMT| PBSC Point Boxing Sparring| J.T. Smith | in Mooresville where he is expected to fly high the flag of Ghana and also achieve personal glory by winning a certificate.

Watch video of his fight against Yannis Magro in December 2022.

Atopika is considered one of the best fighters to hold the discipline strong and as well win laurels.

He’s being touted by many to excel with his power punch, agility and pace.

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