Nobody can force Andre Ayew to retire

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Andre Ayew

The family spokesperson for the Ayew family, Fiifi Tackie, has said that Andre Ayew cannot be forced into retirement, despite the backlash following Ghana’s disappointing performance at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Despite being the team’s most experienced member at the age of 34, calls for Ayew’s retirement from the national team have increased following another group stage exit at AFCON.

In response, Tackie said the decision to retire ultimately rests with Dede Ayew and no one else.

“Andre is an adult who can make his own decisions. People can offer suggestions, but it’s up to him to decide what’s best for his career,” Tackie expressed in an interview with Max TV.

Addressing the constant scrutiny faced by the Ayew brothers, Tackie believes that many critics are driven by a desire to gain attention and boost their social media profiles.

“The Ayew name attracts a lot of attention, and some people use that to their advantage. They know that talking about Jordan and Dede will generate a lot of engagement and views, so they keep bringing them up,” he explained.

Ayew, who is the captain of the side with eight AFCON tournaments under his belt, remains Ghana’s most-capped player and holds the record for the most appearances in AFCON history, tied with Rigobert Song.


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