Ghana wins 9 medals in Mixed Martial Arts

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Ghana emerged victorious in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at the ongoing 2023 African Games, securing a total of nine medals on Tuesday night.

The remarkable haul includes one gold, three silver, and five bronze medals, underscoring Ghana’s prowess in this dynamic and captivating sport.

Despite the hard-won achievements, it’s worth noting that these MMA medals won’t impact Ghana’s position on the overall competitive medal table, as MMA currently holds the status of a demonstration sport at the Games.

Before this MMA triumph, Ghana had already secured five medals in traditional competitive games. Weightlifter Winnifred Ntumi contributed to this tally with gold and two silvers, while swimmer Abeiku Jackson earned silver and bronze in the Men’s Butterfly.

The addition of these MMA medals further solidifies Ghana’s presence on the podium and highlights the nation’s versatile athletic talents.

With the conclusion of the Games set for March 23, Team Ghana is eager to build on their impressive performance and add more medals to their collection.

The dedication displayed by the athletes reflects Ghana’s commitment to sporting excellence and resilience in the fiercely competitive arena, making a lasting impression on the 2023 African Games.


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