Teams begin to arrive in Accra

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Athletes and officials of participating countries have begun arriving in Ghana for the 13th African Games set to kick off in Accra this weekend.

On Wednesday, contingent from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco touched down in Ghana with their first party of athletes and officials, mostly badminton players.

The badminton event starts on March 3, five clear days before the opening ceremony of the event on March 8.

🚨IT’S HAPPENING🚨Advanced teams have begun to arrive in Ghana for the African Games 2023. Morocco and Egypt both arrived today. Badminton teams are also arriving later tonight. The badminton event starts on March 3, 5 clear days before the opening ceremony. March 3 is…— Fentuo Tahiru Fentuo (@Fentuo_) February 28, 2024

Apart from the North Africans, Joy Sports has also confirmed that several other teams, mostly with their badminton players, arrived in the country in the late hours of Wednesday.

All of them have been checked into hotels as the Games’ Village has yet to open to the athletes.

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