How growing up in Nima shaped up my football career

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Mohammed Kudus

Mohammed Kudus has opened up about influence growing up at Nima, a zongo community in Accra has had his football career.

Raised in the vibrant yet challenging environment, Kudus was discovered by the Right to Dream Academy, which provided him with a pathway to pursue his football dreams.

Recalling his experiences growing up, the West Ham United attacker emphasized the mental resilience required to thrive in Nima.

“Mentally it’s a very tough area. You have to be very tough to live there. If you are soft, people walk over you” he explained to The Guardian.

He attributed his tenacity on the field to the lessons learned from navigating the tough streets of Nima.

“In 50-50 challenges, I don’t want to lose it. I work on my body and make sure I am very strong on the ball,” the 23-year-old added.

Describing the atmosphere in Nima, Kudus highlighted the absence of conventional rules and the necessity to adapt to the intense environment.

“There are no rules over there! It’s all in. You have to be very strong,” he remarked.

Despite Nima’s reputation for violence and adversity, Kudus is determined to change stereotypes and showcase the talents within the community.

“When you say Nima, it’s like there’s a lot of violence happening there, it’s like a ghetto and you need to be street smart and tough to stay there. There’s a lot of professional players from there. It’s why I always keep mentioning where I come from. There can be talent as well” he stated.

Kudus’ journey from Nima to professional football saw him excel at FC Nordsjaelland in Denmark before making a high-profile move to Ajax.

His impressive performances caught the attention of numerous clubs, ultimately leading to his signing with West Ham United in the United Kingdom.

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