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Abubakar Kamako

Abubakar Kamako, the son of the legendary boxer Braimah Kamoko, famously known as Bukom Banku, has explained why he changed career path despite studying building construction in Senior High School (SHS).

Speaking to Adom TV in an exclusive interview, Kamako candidly admitted his lack of confidence in his construction abilities, confessing, “At present, if I were to construct a house for you, it might collapse.”

Instead, Kamako has redirected his aspirations towards boxing, aiming for global recognition and triumph.

He articulated his resolute determination to excel in the sport, with a particular focus on the forthcoming Olympic qualifiers in Thailand.

Kamako’s ardour for boxing has already yielded significant achievements, notably securing a silver medal in the cruiserweight division at the recently concluded 13th African Games.

His shift from building construction to boxing underscores his unwavering dedication to following his true passion and leaving an indelible mark in the realm of sports.

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