Bono Queens Ampem Darkoa Ladies beats Dreamsz Ladies in the Malta Guinness WPL.

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Nana Mma Ampem Darkoa Ladies beats Dreamz Ladies Cheerfully at the Ohene Ameyaw Park at Techiman, on a 3goals to nil and emerging as winners of the day In the Malta Guinness WPL Week3.

Dreamz Ladies had the first corner of the day in the 1st half of the game but couldn’t execute it well as both teams struggled to break the net of both pools and ending it goalless in the first half of the game. Both teams started the 2nd half promising to deliver as Ampem Darkoa got penalty which was well executed in the 52 minutes by Mavis Owusu, Nana Mma came harder as Mary Amponsah netted the 2nd and 3rd goals of the day in the 65′ and 69 minutes respectively after 90mins of a fantastic play,Mary Amponsah won the MVP for the day.


Ampem Darkoa Ladies have been performing wonderfully in their Zone by winning previous games of the season and are likely to top the league table whiles Dreamz Ladies on the other hand have been also fighting to make it to the top with 3points as it Stands on the League Table.

By Magdalene Krampah

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