Azumah Nelson shares interesting reason his son decided to quit boxing

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Azumah Nelson | credit: Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV

Boxing legend Azumah Nelson has revealed that his son, Dalvin Azumah Nelson Jr, has decided to step away from the sport after exploring it in his earlier years.

In an interview with Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV, the renowned Hall of Famer shared that his son chose to pursue a different career path, indicating that professional boxing’s demands and dedication were not in alignment with his interests.

Meanwhile, Azumah Nelson expressed support for his son’s decision, emphasizing that he continues to fulfil his paternal responsibilities in his son’s chosen field.

“He came to the realization that boxing is not necessarily suited for individuals from affluent backgrounds. It’s a sport often associated with perseverance and resilience, qualities typically found in those facing adversity. I respect his decision to move on from boxing, as it was him who experienced the physical toll,” Azumah Nelson remarked.

Reflecting on his own boxing career, Azumah Nelson shared insights into his fighting strategies, highlighting his ability to maintain composure and avoid being provoked by opponents.

“I never allowed myself to be emotionally rattled by my opponents because losing control could jeopardize the outcome of the match. It’s crucial to remain focused and composed, disregarding attempts to unsettle you,” he explained.


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