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The Chairman of the Marketing & Sponsorship Sub-Committee of the upcoming 13th African Games, Yaw Sakyi Afari, has encouraged businesses to take advantage of the upcoming Games happening in Ghana from March 8-23, 2024.

He made the call when some members of the Marketing & Sponsorship and Media & Communications Committees toured the newly constructed Borteyman Sports Complex and University of Ghana Stadium, two of the venues for the games.

The African Games stand as a testament to the continent’s rich cultural diversity, sporting excellence, and unifying spirit. With thousands of athletes, delegates and sports fans from Africa and other continents coming to Ghana in March, Yaw Sakyi believes businesses in Ghana should associate with the African Games to take full advantage of the season.

Briefing the media after the tour, Yaw Sakyi said;

“The leadership of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the 13th African Games has confirmed over 6,000 athletes and delegates attending the games from all African countries.

Chairman of the Marketing & Sponsorship Sub-Committee - 13th African Games - Yaw Sakyi Afari 2

Just like all other sporting events, participating countries send and encourage citizens to come and support their teams so we are looking at several thousands of people attending the games. Companies in Ghana should take advantage of the numbers and conversations generated around the games to market their products and services.

By aligning your brand with this monumental event, you open the door to a world of possibilities for growth and success”.

Chairman of the Marketing & Sponsorship Sub-Committee - 13th African Games - Yaw Sakyi Afari 3

He added that Our visit this morning to engage your various media platforms to show these new facilities and to let businesses see the world of opportunities available to their brands. The 13th African Games is happening in few weeks so lets prepare adequately for the world.

The 13th African Games will take place from 8th- 23rd March, 2024 at different venues including University of Ghana, Borteyman Sports Complex, Bukom Boxing Arena, Achimota School, Cape Coast Stadium, etc. Interested businesses should contact the Chairman of Marketing & Sponsorship Committee via [email protected] or contact the LOC Secretariat at Abelemkpe.


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