Tackling football’s real issues; Jeremie Frimpong shows leadership with  Pathways project initiative

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It’s never in doubt the trauma and psychological repercussions young footballers, majority of them still in their teenage years face, when they fail to make the cut in professional leagues.

For some, the consequences are so dire, and in some instances, near fatal as some of these footballers contemplate suicide.

The struggle facing boys and girls rejected by football academies across the globe still remains one of football’s biggest issues.

In an online publication for The Guardian, a 2012 doctorate at Chester University, Chris Platts revealed a football dropout rate of 99% for over 300 young footballers interviewed between the ages of 17 and 18.

The above statistics point to why Jeremie Frimpong’s new initiative aimed at empowering young footballers who may not reach professional leagues is not only very useful but and timely considering the modern trends and the huge numbers involved in the sport now.

Frimpong joined Manchester City at the age of 9 and steadily progressed through the club’s youth ranks featuring in the Premier League 2 games.

But that didn’t guarantee him a professional contract until he had his first major break with Celtics in the Scottish Premier League after he signed a four year deal.

His skill set, desire to succeed and talent will see him become a fans favorite at the Celtic park.

Jeremie Frimpong like other of his colleagues who had professional contracts after playing academy football experience many of their colleagues at the various youth level fail to make the cut. 

The Pathways Project by Jeremie Frimpong is a career transition initiative designed for aspiring footballers aged 15-22, with a focus on professional academy players. It aims to guide them through exploring diverse career pathways beyond football. This is according  to Jeremie Frimpong’s management.

The project spans various industries, including tech, property, gaming, and finance. Our goal is to help you discover and navigate potential career paths aligned with your skills and interests.

“Pathways will partner (launch partner The initiative, which will kick off its journey in Accra, Ghana before launching in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and then Globally aims to address the challenges faced by aspiring footballers who fall out of the game by providing them with essential training, work experience, and networking opportunities when they decide to start looking at other industries.” A statement released by Jeremie Frimpong read.

“My vision is to create a global impact,” Jeremie Frimpong said in a statement as he aims to extend the program to the Netherlands and other European Countries

“This isn’t just about giving hope, it’s about equipping tomorrow’s generation of talent with the tools to rewrite their own narratives.”

“Pathways is a journey, not a destination. We’re building a global network of support, one footballer at a time.”

“I spoke to loads of players and they all want to find their own way to give back and I think its good for them to do whatever feels true to them, this is what felt true to me.

About the project

The Pathways Initiative is driven by a multi-faceted set of objectives, including:

Empowering individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds

Fostering essential life skills and mentorship

Bridging the gap between academic training and practical professional skills

Creating a distinct lane for success outside of football

Offering a comprehensive support system that extends beyond the football pitch

Interested applicants can visit the website joinpathways.com for more details.

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