Sports Minister throws light on LOC expenditure

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Mustapha Ussif

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif, has dispelled rumours that the $47m operational budget estimates for the Accra 2023 African Games is for expenses from March 8 to March 23.

Ghana hosts the African Games for the first time, with over 13,000 participants made up of 5000 athletes, 3000 technical officials, 3000 volunteers and 2000 guests from 55 African countries.

Briefing the nation on preparations and readiness of Ghana to host the African Games, Mustapha Ussif said there have been deliberate distortions on the intended use of the budget estimates, and took advantage to throw more light on the $47m operational budget estimates for the competition.

“A total amount of Forty-Seven Million Seven Hundred and Twelve Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three United Stated Dollars, Sixty-Five Cents (US$ 47,712,853.65) is estimated to cover the operations of the LOC,” said Mustapha Ussif.

“This estimated amount is earmarked to be used by the LOC for the general organisation of the competition, which started after the LOC was formed in October 2020. Areas of expenditure by the LOC include technical meetings with TCAG, preparation of relevant guidelines, rules, regulations and manuals, sensitisation, management of the Games (games management system), accommodation for athletes, volunteers and officials (totalling about 13,000 participants), internal transportation, airfare for officials, catering services (feeding of about 13,000 participants), security, allowances for volunteers and officials, accreditation, medical equipment, medals for athletes among others, etc,” he added.

“This amount will also cover the payment of rent for the LOC office accommodation, logistics, purchase of equipment, Anti-Doping services and members’ allowances.”

Ussif added that unlike in football, where the Confederation of African Football pays for the accommodation of teams, the host country has to pay for the hotel accommodation of all participating football teams.

“In this regard, Ghana will also pay for the hotel bills of all the participating football teams and this is also part of the budget.”

The African Games, with multiple sports disciplines and almost all African countries participating, is regarded as a very expensive tournament to organise.

However, the benefits of hosting it are enormous, as it leaves host nations with improved sports facilities and immeasurable international exposure.


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