NSA is in charge of Borteyman Sports Complex – GSA

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President of the Ghana Swimming Association, Mrs Delphina Quaye has revealed the National Sports Authority has been put in charge of the Borteyman Sports Complex post the 13th African Games.

The government invested $145 million in constructing the facility for the continental event, which officially commenced on March 8 and spanned 15 days.

Amid concerns regarding the NSA’s capability to oversee the facility effectively, the Local Organizing Committee chairman for the Games suggested a “Private-Public Partnership and make it self-sustainable commercial-wise.”

Nonetheless, Mrs. Delphina said that the government has tasked NSA with the upkeep of the infrastructure.

“What we know is that it’s been handed over to the NSA,” she exclusively told JoySports.

“After the Games, I approached the NSA with the letter asking for us to use the pool for our competitions. What they said was it wouldn’t be free. We acknowledge that but as at now, we have not heard from them, it’s been two weeks.

She also expressed confidence about the facility’s impact on the country’s future in the sport

“The pool is certainly certified. It is an Olympic-size pool, internationally acknowledged and for us at the federation, we believe it is a step forward to achieving great goals in the future,” she stated.

Ghana clinched two medals at the African Games thanks to captain, Abeku Jackson’s silver and bronze winning feat.


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