“Insha Allah, King Faisal will also receive a similar ruling by CAS” – Alhaji Grusah upon hearing verdict of GFA/Players case

’Insha Allah, King Faisal will also be vindicated by CAS’ – Alhaji Grusah

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President and bankroller of relegated King Faisal FC ,Alhaji Karim Grusah is optimistic he will be vindicated by court of arbitration for sports as has been done to the numerous Ghanaian players.

21-Ghanaian players has being exonerated from all charges by the Ghana Football Association Disciplinary Committee over AshantiGold SC and Inter Allies FC match-fixing scandal which took place in 2021-22 league season. The aforementioned Premier league game ended 7-0 for AshantiGold SC at the Obuasi Len Clay stadium.

The Disciplinary Committee upon their checks sanctioned the players involved in the game and continued to ban some including officials.

Nonetheless, CAS has annulled all sanctions imposed on the players and discharged them from all crimes/charges. In a ruling forward to the Ghana Football Association on Thursday, July 27 2023 has ordered the Association to pay the players CHS 6,300 and shared equally to them.

In addition to paying Richmond Lamptey CHS 3,000 as cost of filing case among other expenses.

Upon noticing this, Alhaji Karim Grusah says he will also be exonerated for suffering relegation because of a bad ruling on his team. And hoping the decision to dismiss their protest by GFA and solidifying their demotion to Division One will be overturned.

King Faisal FC filed a protest against Tamale City FC over double player registration but saw case dismissed by Disciplinary Committee but went for an appeal yet was also dismissed. Hence, visited the Court of Arbitration for Sport last month.

King Faisal alleged that Tamale City FC had fielded an ineligible player, specifically Isaac Mensah/Jireh Kojo Nissi, asuch lodged a protest seeking victory by default. The potential three points could have significantly boosted their chances of avoiding relegation but case was dismissed

According to Alhaji Grusah, King Faisal is positive to receive a similar ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), who the case involving GFA and the players, annulling all sanctions imposed on players involved in alleged match-fixing between Inter Allies and AshantiGold SC.

“Insha Allah, King Faisal will also receive a similar ruling by CAS. We shall be vindicated. Allah will ensure that we win this appeal because we speak the truth. This is not the first time I have made an injunction placed on the league and we will do it again.

“After our appeal was thrown away, we requested records of proceedings and were denied. Whatever the reason was, we do not know. But I know the General Secretary of the GFA, I know what he is trying to do” Alhaji said on Happy FM.

The GFA, who were given a 20-day ultimatum by CAS to respond to King Faisal’s appeal urged that the case be thrown out.

GFA in their response stated that granting King Faisal’s request for a stay in judgment would cause more harm to the football governing body and the teams that have already qualified for the Ghana Premier League.

According to the GFA, these teams have already invested funds to meet the licensing regulations of the league.

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