Ghana fully prepared to host Commonwealth Games

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Mustapha Ussif

Ghana’s Youth and Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif, has expressed the country’s readiness to consider hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games following the withdrawal of original hosts, Victoria, Australia, and Malaysia due to cost concerns.

In an interview on GHOne, Minister Ussif highlighted Ghana’s favourable position to host the prestigious multi-sport event, citing the country’s successful hosting of the African Games as evidence of its capabilities.

Mr Ussif further disclosed that the President of the Commonwealth Games recently visited Ghana and expressed admiration for the country’s facilities used during the African Games.

He also emphasized that the Commonwealth Games authorities are seeking an African nation to host the event and indicated Ghana’s suitability for the role.

“We have the existing facilities to host the Commonwealth Games, plus it won’t cost us much to host the games as compared to how much it cost us to host the African games if we decide to,” Ussif explained.

Furthermore, Ussif highlighted the financial support provided by the Commonwealth Games secretariat to the host nation, unlike the African Games where the host bears all expenses.

He emphasized that Ghana is well-positioned to host the event, given its infrastructure and the financial incentives offered by the Commonwealth Games secretariat.


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