Al Ahly want Medeama SC game cancelled [Check out why]

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Al Ahly

Egyptian football powerhouse Al Ahly SC has officially written to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) with a request to reschedule their forthcoming encounter against Ghanaian champions Medeama SC.

The plea comes in the wake of unforeseen logistical hurdles, as stated in a press release issued by Al Ahly on Wednesday evening. The statement cites an aviation snag that obstructed the delegation’s planned transit from Accra to Kumasi.

According to Al Ahly’s account, the flight touched down at Accra airport for a routine refuelling stop. However, a freak incident involving a collision with the aircraft’s front fuselage led to a critical malfunction, rendering the plane unfit for continued operation.

Despite diligent attempts to rectify the technical glitch, it was determined that the aircraft was unserviceable.

The plane carrying our team experienced a breakdown at Accra Airport, causing a delay for our delegation’s departure to Kumasi. We are in contact with CAF to postpone Friday’s match against Medeama.— Al Ahly SC 🇬🇧 (@AlAhlyEnglish) February 21, 2024

To exacerbate the situation, endeavours to secure an alternative flight for the Al Ahly squad were futile. Consequently, the team members have been compelled to lodge in Accra for the night, with arrangements made for their departure to Kumasi on the earliest available flight the following day, Thursday.

In accordance with tournament regulations, visiting teams are required to conduct at least one practice session at the designated match venue before the scheduled game day.

Given the expected late arrival on Thursday, it seems improbable for Al Ahly to conduct such a training session on the same day, with additional concerns regarding jetlag.

Considering these circumstances, Al Ahly has made a formal request to CAF for the postponement of their match against Medeama SC, originally slated for Friday, to be rescheduled for Saturday.

Presently, Al Ahly leads Group D with six points, while Medeama SC sits at the bottom of the group with four points, with two matches remaining in the group stage.

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