What is handicap betting?

What is handicap betting?

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Handicap betting is where one selection in an event is given a “handicap” to overcome in order to win. This is popular when strong favorites are playing, instead of placing a match bet at short odds, you can place a bet at longer odds with a 1 or 2-goal start, or -12 point for instance.

It is also a way for bookmakers to make a sporting fixture more even in terms of the prices they offer.

Handicap betting is a numerical figure set by the bookmaker to counter any perceived biases in the abilities of the opposing teams. Through this, handicap betting provides the punter with more balanced odds because at the end of the day, anything can happen in sports. This is often more appealing to punters as it creates more intrigue and insight into the result of the game and the bets placed by not allowing the implied probability to dictate the bet. By choosing handicap betting the punter’s bet must “overcome” the handicap in order to win, so you are betting on your selection with the handicap taken into account.

Using Handicap Bets for Soccer Betting

In soccer betting you can make use of a handicap bet in the traditional sense, a three-way handicap or Asian handicap betting. Asian handicap betting can get quite complex, so be sure you have a handle on it before using it in your sports betting strategy.

Traditional handicap betting when applied to soccer games works as follows:

When betting on a handicap market on soccer, the team supposedly less likely to win, given the odds, is awarded a goal or the “favourite” is given handicap points before the match even starts as far as the bet is concerned. So, the favourite will start with a handicap of -1, -2, -3, etc.

Three-way handicap betting when applied to soccer works as follows:

Three-way handicap betting allows the bettors to bet on the handicap tie option. This means you must select the handicap tie option taking the handicap into account for the final score. For example, Team 1 is the favourite to win so they start with a -2 handicap, Team 2 has lower odds with points awarded by the handicap to level the odds, so Team 2 starts with +2. To use the third option effectively, the handicap tie, is -2. Essentially you are betting on the team that wins by the margin specified by the handicap.

Using Handicap Bets for Rugby Betting

Rugby takes on the same set of rules as described above for soccer. The team with a negative handicap, let’s say for the Rugby World Cup this would likely be New Zealand and the team with the positive handicap, their opponent, South Africa begins with a positive handicap. If you bet on South Africa to win the match then the Springboks must win, draw or lose by less than the figure set for a bet on them to win. “GO BOKKE!”

Using Handicap Bets for Tennis Betting

There are two types of handicap betting in tennis: Set handicap and Game handicap with game handicap the bet is based on the number of games each player wins in a given match. Example, a player given a +2.5 game handicap who loses a match 7-6 7-6, would be the winner for handicap betting purposes. However in






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