TROUBLE: GFA orders Great Olympics to settle Yaw Preko within 14-days

Appeals Committee rule verdict in favour of Coach Yaw Preko

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Ghana Premier League side, Great Olympics FC have been slapped by the GFA Appeals Committee for breaching the contract they had with former manager Yaw Preko.

The Capital-based outfit sacked the former Ghana international last two months and by so breaching the contract both parties had when he signed a two-year contract. Preko took the club the Ghana Football Association Appeals Committee and has seen the Committee rule in favour of him after several weeks.

The FA has directed they pay all entitlement due their former employee within 14-days.

This will be become a headache for the Dade Boys, considering how they would have to fight to survive the battle of relegation and enjoy top-flight football next season and also having to settle Yaw Preko at this point in their crisis.

Statement from the FA Appeals Committee reads:

The GFA Appeals Committee has directed Accra Great Olympics to comply with the decision of the Player Status Committee in relation to the complaint filed by its former Head Coach Yaw Preko.

In the Appeals Committee’s in its ruling agreed with the Player Status Committee’s decision that Coach Yaw Preko is entitled to all his outstanding salary  and other benefits.

Great Olympics have been given 14 days to comply by the decision.

The decision has been communicated to Great Olympics FC and Coach Yaw Preko accordingly.

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