Time to rebrand: Let’s give our national Amputee Team a name that inspires

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Black Challenge of Ghana

Ghana’s National Amputee Team, currently known as the Black Challenge, has once again made us proud by qualifying for the 2026 Amputee World Cup with a resounding 3-0 victory over Algeria.
Despite their impressive performance, the team continues to face neglect and lack of support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and those responsible for disability sports in Ghana.
As a sports journalist, I have taken it upon myself to speak out about this issue, and I believe it’s time to address a long-standing problem that has bothered many of us – the team’s name, Black Challenge.

While the name may have been intended to reflect the team’s resilience and determination, it perpetuates a negative narrative and reinforces harmful stereotypes.
The term “Challenge” implies that the team is somehow lesser or inferior, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
Our national Amputee Team is a shining example of excellence, overcoming incredible obstacles to achieve success on the international stage.
They deserve a name that reflects their strength, courage, and achievements. Let’s rebrand our team with a name that inspires and motivates them, rather than perpetuating a limiting narrative.
I urge the Ministry of Youth and Sports and those responsible for disability sports to take immediate action to change the team’s name to something more empowering and inclusive.
Let’s celebrate our team’s achievements and give them the recognition they deserve. They are not a “Challenge” – they are champions, and it’s time we acknowledged them as such.
Some suggested new names could be:
– The Black Stars Amputee Team (aligning with our national football team’s name)– The Ghana Gladiators– The Golden Stars– The Unstoppables– The Rising Stars

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