They risked their lives for us

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Nico Williams

Nico Williams has expressed profound gratitude towards his parents for their courageous journey in search of a better life.
Nico’s parents, Felix and Maria, originally from Ghana, embarked on a perilous journey across the Sahara desert in pursuit of opportunities abroad.
Their intended destination was the United Kingdom, but they were stranded midway when their savings were taken by a criminal gang.

They were later detained in the Spanish enclave of Melilla, where a lawyer advised them to seek asylum by stating that, they were from war-torn Liberia rather than Ghana.
Reflecting on his parents’ sacrifices, Nico, who also plays for the Spanish national team, spoke warmly of their bravery.
“Thanks to God we are all here together now, living a really good life. My parents are getting to watch their sons prosper, which is why they came here. Everything we do is for our parents,” he told the BBC.
“They risked their lives so that we, my brother and I, have a better future. And they achieved that. I will forever appreciate what my father and my mother did for us – they are fighters, they instilled in us respect, hard work, every day, that nobody gifts you anything.
“The truth is I am so proud to be able to have them as parents, and I try to do everything possible so that they feel proud to have me as a son,” he added.
Nico’s older brother, Inaki Williams, chose to represent the Ghanaian national team.
The Williams brothers both play for Spanish La Liga side, Athletic Bilbao.

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