The Rise of Sports Betting in Ghana: Pros and Cons

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The implementation of a new tax on betting in Ghana has led to significant criticism from young Ghanaians on social media, particularly those involved in betting.

Over the past decade, the betting industry in Ghana has grown significantly, leading to the establishment of numerous betting companies in the country. This growth has been fueled in part by the increasing popularity of sports betting, which has sparked debates among Ghanaians.

While some Ghanaians have raised concerns about the impact of sports betting on the country’s youth, others argue that it is a legal and legitimate practice that cannot be deemed harmful in the absence of any legal violations. In recent years, debates about sports betting have become increasingly common, with GH One newscaster Serwaa Amihere’s remarks about the practice being considered a national crisis leading to significant criticism.


Despite this criticism, some notable figures in Ghana have defended sports betting, citing its benefits for young people. One such figure is dancehall artist J. Derobie, who has argued that sports betting provides a means of livelihood for many young men who might otherwise be involved in criminal activities such as armed robbery. According to J. Derobie, sports betting has saved many young people from engaging in such activities, and as such, should be considered a positive development.

The new tax on betting mandates that the government of Ghana receives 10% of all punters’ winnings, a move that has been met with widespread criticism from young Ghanaians. Many young people have taken to social media to express their disapproval, arguing that the tax will negatively impact their ability to earn a living from betting.


However, the government has defended the move, arguing that it will provide much-needed revenue for the country and help fund critical social programs.

Despite the ongoing debates about sports betting and the new tax on betting in Ghana, it is clear that the industry will continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.


As such, it is essential that all stakeholders work together to find a way to ensure that sports betting can be enjoyed responsibly and that young Ghanaians can benefit from the opportunities it provides without suffering negative consequences.



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