The mystery of the arm blowouts

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Arm blowouts are a huge topic in baseball. The best online sports betting is available at 1xBet, where the MLB and other major baseball competitions are available too.
This is especially important for pitches, and rightly so. An “arm blowout” typically refers to severe injuries like a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), which often leads pitchers to undergo Tommy John surgery. This surgery is not a simple procedure.
It often means a year or more away from the game, which is tough for athletes and fans alike.

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A rising issue
Let’s look at some numbers to understand the rise of this issue.
Since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a staggering increase in such surgeries, especially among young athletes.
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Studies from organizations like the American Sports Medicine Institute reveal a 150% increase in Tommy John surgeries among high school players alone.
Even collegiate athletes aren’t spared, with a threefold increase in surgeries reported for shoulder and elbow issues.
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Understanding the problem
There are a few reasons that may explain this surge in this serious injury. In 1st place, youth athletes now often play just 1 sport all year round, which wasn’t as common in the past.
This specialization leads to overuse injuries because their bodies don’t get enough time to rest.
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But there is another key factor that is important to understand:

there is a huge competition in trying to pitch harder than ever;
back in the early 2000s, the average pitch speed was 89 miles, or 143 kilometers per hour;
in the 2020s, this average speed has risen to 93 miles, or 150 kilometers per hour.

Obviously, this creates a lot of stress in the arms. The 1xBet website features excellent possibilities to wager on the best pitchers from this exciting sport.
Thankfully, there is a big push towards prevention and better management.
MLB teams are seriously into biomechanics these days, using advanced tech to analyze and refine pitching techniques, aiming to spot potential issues before they turn into injuries.
Guidelines on pitch counts and mandatory rest days are now more common, even at youth levels, helping to avoid overworking those arms.
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