Sports fans ‘investors’ angry over gov’t’s introduction of 10% betting tax

Sports fans 'investors' angry over gov't's introduction of 10% betting tax

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Ghana has introduced a new 10% tax on betting, games of chance, and lottery wins.

The 10% tax on all winnings will apply to both domestic and overseas competitors while betting companies operating in the country will face a 20% tax on their gross revenue.

The average Ghanaian youth is into betting or some form of lottery as a source of gaining income or money as the unemployment rate is through the roof.

Many investors as they call themselves have bared their teeth at the ruling New Patriotic Party( NPP) government for introducing what they term an obnoxious tax which is coming to compound their already perilous situation.

The government of Ghana in the last week passed three new tax bills that are the Income Tax Amendment Bill 2022, the Excise Duty Amendment Bill 2022, and the Growth and sustainability levy bill 2022.

Many unhappy Ghanaians have taken to Twitter and other social media spaces to express their disgust and discontent with the government.


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