Samuel Eto’o facing lifetime ban after CAF hearing?

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Samuel Eto’o

Following his hearing at the CAF headquarters on Tuesday on allegations of match-fixing, Samuel Eto’o reportedly faces a lifetime ban if found guilty.
The president of the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT) was summoned to a hearing in Egypt following accusations of match-fixing and corruption levelled at him.
The former FC Barcelona striker is accused of helping Cameroonian club Victoria United secure promotion from the second tier to the top flight.

The findings of the investigation are yet to be divulged, though, with the Indomitable Lions legend having been expected to provide evidence disproving any claims of wrongdoing on his part.
However, in the event he is found guilty of match-fixing, he could face some harsh punishment from both CAF and FIFA.
According to article 154 of the CAF disciplinary code, as stipulated on “Any person who conspires to distort the result of a match in a manner inconsistent with sporting ethics will be punished with a match suspension and a minimum fine of ten thousand USD ($10,000). The legal body will also impose a ban on carrying out any activity related to football: in serious cases, this sanction will apply for life.”
Moreover, article 20, paragraph 1 of the FIFA disciplinary code states: “Any person who illegally influences or manipulates – directly or indirectly, by execution or omission of an act – the progress, result or any other aspect of a match and/or competition – or who conspires or attempts to do so to do by any means whatsoever – is punishable by a ban of at least five years from carrying out any activity relating to football, as well as a fine of at least CHF 100,000. In serious cases, the ban on exercising any activity relating to football is pronounced for a longer period or even for life.”
There has been no indication when the verdict will be heard at this stage, but the gravity of the situation is quite serious, said prominent Cameroonian executive Albert Eloundou Onana.
“It’s really a shame what’s happening in our football and especially for Samuel Eto’o. Less than two years ago, he arrived as a saviour at the head of this FECAFOOT. But what happened in the meantime? We have had too many scandals,” he said, per CamFoot.
“How did he sign with this company without consulting his lawyers in light of the texts? Today, these posts were deleted from his accounts. This shows that there is a problem.
“I hope the audio that broke mid-season was fake. He must surround himself with people who can tell him when there is a problem so that he can fix it.
“The accusations are very serious, in my opinion.”

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