NSA breaks silence on Borteyman Complex being used to hold church service

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The National Sports Authority (NSA) has addressed recent reports that the Borteyman Complex is being used for church services shortly after hosting the 2023 African Games.
A video circulated on social media showed the $145 million facility being used for religious gatherings, sparking public outcry and concerns over its upkeep.
In response to these allegations, Venue Manager, Majeed Bawa issued a statement on Tuesday, June 25, refuting the claims.

Bawa clarified that the University of Ghana, University of Professional Studies, Valley View University, and other institutions wrote to them as part of their tour for the newest attraction in Accra and not for church service.
According to him, even on the day of the visit, a Badminton competition was held with the equipment still in place.
The Borteyman Sports Complex boasts a range of amenities including a 1,000-seat swimming pool, and a versatile sports hall accommodating up to 1,000 spectators for activities such as basketball, badminton, and more.
Additionally, it features a 500-seat temporary dome for sports like handball, volleyball, and martial arts, alongside a five-court tennis complex.
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