Luis Rubiales to stand trial over World Cup kiss

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The former head of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales, will stand trial for sexual assault over his unsolicited kissing of Women’s World Cup player Jenni Hermoso.
The kiss, which Ms Hermoso said was “unwanted”, happened at last year’s 1-0 World Cup against England and made global headlines.
Mr Rubiales was forced to resign but has denied any wrongdoing.

A Spanish High Court judge said on Wednesday Mr Rubiales was also facing one charge of coercion.
The scandal overshadowed a historic moment for Spain’s women’s team, which at the time was celebrating its first ever World Cup win on 20 August 2023.
During the trophy presentation ceremony, Mr Rubiales clasped Ms Hermoso’s head between his hands and planted a kiss on her lips.
It was broadcast to billions worldwide, producing a fierce backlash and national debate over sexism in Spain.
Mr Rubiales, 46, has strenuously denied wrongdoing, saying the kiss was consensual and he was the victim of a “social assassination”.
However, Ms Hermoso and her teammates said it had been unwanted and demeaning.
Mr Rubiales faces one count of sexual assault, which carries a prison term of a year.
He will also be tried for coercion alongside the former coach of the women’s national team, Jorge Vilda, the team’s current sporting director, Albert Luque, and the federation’s head of marketing, Ruben Rivera.
All four men, who have denied wrongdoing, are accused of trying to pressure Ms Hermoso into saying the kiss was consensual.
They could each face up to 18 months in jail if convicted.
The trial will be held at the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid. The date has not yet been confirmed.
The court has set a bail of €65,000 (£55,900) for Mr Rubiales’s charge of sexual assault to be paid within 24 hours to cover “any civil liabilities he may be ordered to pay”, AFP news agency reports.
A further bail of €65,000 is to be posted jointly between Mr Rubiales, Mr Vilda, Mr Luque and Mr Riveria on the charges of coercion.

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