Juventus withdraw from European Super League

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Image caption: Juventus were one of three Italian clubs that signed up to the European Super League

Juventus have requested to rejoin the European Club Association (ECA) after withdrawing from plans to form a European Super League.
The Italian club were one of 12 who signed up to form a breakaway European Super League in 2021.
The 12 teams, including six from the English Premier League, were excluded from the ECA in 2021 as a result, but nine have since been readmitted.

Juventus are now set to become the 10th, leaving just Barcelona and Real Madrid clinging on to the European Super League dream.
ECA chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi said: “ECA’s door is always open to clubs who believe in collective interests, progressive reform and working constructively with all stakeholders.”
Al-Khelaifi, who is also president of French champions Paris St-Germain, said Juventus would “rejoin the European football family”.
The Serie A side started the process of withdrawing from the ESL in 2023 but required authorisation from Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Juventus’ request to rejoin the ECA follows a decision from a Spanish court in May that ruled Uefa and Fifa were wrong to ban clubs from joining the European Super League.
Madrid’s commercial court said the European and world governing bodies were practising anti-competitive behaviour and abusing their dominant position.
However, Uefa says the ruling was not an endorsement of the ESL or backing of any proposal.
The ESL project, which initially included Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, faced a backlash from supporters across Europe in 2021 and collapsed within 72 hours.
Barcelona and Real Madrid maintain interest in forming a breakaway league and have led revived plans proposing a revamped 64-club league.

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