I am yet to decide if I will contest GFA presidency again

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George Afriyie

Former Vice President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), George Afriyie, is uncertain about his future in local football administration after a setback in his presidential aspiration.
Afriyie’s plan to become GFA President was dealt a blow when the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld the decision to disqualify him from the presidential race, leaving him in limbo about his next steps.
Speaking to Graphic Sports, Afriyie emphasized that it’s too early to make a decision, especially with three years until the next GFA election.

He stressed the importance of focusing on the present and pursuing his passions, while staying open to future opportunities.
When asked about the possibility of running for the GFA presidency again, Afriyie said, “Nobody knows tomorrow. I have not taken any decision yet, but in life, you just have to focus and do what you want to do, and then when there is time and opportunity to do anything, why not.”
Afriyie’s previous bid for the presidency was derailed during the last election due to allegations of using an ineligible candidate to endorse his form.
Despite appealing the decision, both the Appeals Committee and CAS upheld the ruling, prompting Afriyie to accept the outcome and move forward.
“I just gave my opinion, and I said per what the CAS ruling is, I have accepted it, so we move,” Afriyie affirmed.

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