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Kwesi Appiah

Dreams FC coach, Abdul Karim Zito has backed Kwesi Appiah amid criticism regarding Appiah’s dual role as both a coach and a member of the Executive Council (ExCo) of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).
Appiah, who formerly coached the Ghana Black Stars, has been under pressure to step down from the ExCo due to potential conflict of interest concerns, following the announcement of the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) draw.
Ghana and Sudan have been placed in Group F, alongside Angola and Niger.

In an interview with Graphic Sports, Zito defended Appiah, emphasizing his professionalism and urging that he be allowed to perform his duties without interference.
“People are talking about Kwesi Appiah but I don’t see why they should be talking about him. Those in the ExCo, are they not having clubs? Kwasi is a professional coach and the ExCo doesn’t pay him,” Zito stated.
Zito highlighted that Appiah’s coaching role does not conflict with his ExCo responsibilities, especially since he is not financially compensated by the ExCo.
He noted that, the ExCo was aware of Appiah’s coaching commitments when he ran for and won his election.
“The ExCo knew Kwasi was still in coaching and yet they allowed him to stand for election, which he won before he had this opportunity,” Zito added.
Zito also pointed out the perceived hypocrisy in calls for Appiah’s resignation when other ExCo members have affiliations with clubs. He expressed full support for Appiah continuing in both roles and encouraged him to focus on his coaching duties.
Zito expressed confidence in Appiah’s capabilities and acknowledged the competitive nature of football, noting that it would be a testament to the sport if Sudan were to defeat Ghana during the qualifiers.
“For me, I am behind Kwasi one hundred percent. He should keep quiet and do his job. If he is able to beat us, fine; and if we also beat him, fine.”
The 2025 AFCON qualifiers are scheduled to begin in September this year.

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