Great Olympics FC adopt sogakope WAFA Park for remaining home matches

Dade Boys abandon Accra Sports Stadium for WAFA park in Sogakope

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The Competitions Department of the Ghana Football Association has approved Accra Great Olympics FC’s request to move their home matches to their alternative match venue in Sogakope, for the remainder of the season.

This decision was taken on Monday, April 17, 2023, after a careful review of the reasons stated by the club.

The Accra Sports Stadium and the WAFA park were approved by the Club Licensing Committee of the GFA for Accra Great Olympics FC as main and alternative venues respectively at the start of the season.

Meanwhile, the club in a request to the GFA last week stated that due to the high cost of honouring matches in Accra they would want the Competitions Department to fix their subsequent matches at their alternative venue instead.

All stakeholders and clubs are to take note and amend their records accordingly.


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