GFA in search for a new broadcast partner after termination of StarTimes deal

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The Ghana Football Association (GFA) is launching a bidding process for official television broadcast rights holders.
This move signifies a notable change after StarTimes held exclusive rights for four years under a $5.25 million agreement signed in 2020.
However, the reasons behind the contract termination remain unknown as both parties have agreed to part ways amicably.

StarTimes’ coverage included major Ghanaian football events, such as the Ghana Premier League and FA Cup. They also produced match highlights for the Division One League, Women’s Premier League, and Women’s FA Cup.
With the contract now open, the GFA is inviting proposals from StarTimes and other interested broadcasters, including DSTV and GTV.
This presents a new opportunity for a media partner to showcase Ghana’s premier domestic football competitions to a wider audience.
The bidding process reflects the GFA’s desire to explore innovative broadcasting arrangements that can increase the visibility and accessibility of Ghanaian football both locally and internationally.

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