Father & Son War: Paul Dogboe ask former WBO Super bantamweight champion Isaac Dogboe to settle all debts to save his face

Paul Dogboe ask former WBO Super bantamweight champion Isaac Dogboe to settle all debts

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Ghanaian British boxer, Isaac ‘Royal Storm’ Dogboe is in the news for owing boxing Promoters and other stakeholders of the game.

Biological father of the 28-year-old, has granted an interview disclosing that his son is owing sum huge amount of money and needs to settle those debts. It’s believed that, the ungrateful attitude of Zion Dogboe to some persons and his former promoters Top Rank caused his recent defeats in the ring.

First, was Mexican boxer Emmanuel Navarrete in 2021 and recent lost to Cuban boxer Robeizy Ramirez

The former WBO Super bantamweight champion had successful fights on major boxing cards and gained valuable experience under Top Rank but left after his contract expired.

Paul Dogboe who happens to be the father of Isaac Dogboe had been his trainer and manager since he started boxing. But since, he’s under a new umbrella ditched his father for a new trainer.

Paul has told, the Ghanaian-British professional boxer who held the WBO junior-featherweight title in 2018 to pay all the people they owe. He claims they owe people huge sums of money and he is calling on his son to come pay all the people involved.

Former WBO Super bantamweight champion Isaac Dogboe

The father who is at the center of the issue, with many believing that he has lavished his Sons’ money, therefore reason for Isaac Dogboe owing promoters has stated that, he has not embezzle any money and asking his ward to pay them to save his face.

“You know why am bitter “?

“I’m bitter about the boy because he knows these things, am a mad man bro, my Son can not stand infront of me right now like how you guys are here”

“I sent him, the list, we owe Akomich some monies and John Marfo maybe around a 100 grams or more, he knows because he’s being talking to Marfo he made him aware that now he is not with his Daddy anymore so he’s going to pay him”

“So me, Paul Dogboe I have taken myself out of that circle.

“I have never being disgraced in my life. All I have done is to do great with this kid and for me to get disgraced” All I was hoping to hear is he has paid John Marfo left with small amount because he had three fights before we parted, during the time I was the one paying all the debts”, Paul told Philip Otuo – Producer of Asempa Sports Nite in an interview.

“Don’t you understand what am saying, I was paying the debt I could have done reak estate with it but no, I gave all the monies to him people don’t know the story but they want the glory. I could have paid that money to John and Co but I gave it to him.

“People are talking and I don’t know, how they understand but the people in the circle knows it. Interview, Isaac Dogboe and ask him did your father embezzle your money”?

“He should pay the debts, am tired of all these”

Isaac Dogboe has 27 fights under his berth with 24 wins 16 by way of knockout and 3 losses.

Story Kolog Bonaventure

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