Ahmed Toure defends his decision to take Medeama to FIFA

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Former Medeama SC player Ahmed Toure says he dragged the club to FIFA for justice following the club’s unlawful way of handling issues.

FIFA ordered the team a few days ago to compensate Ahmed Toure over GHC 100,000 within 45 days after investigating a feud that began some two years ago.

The former Kotoko and Bechem United striker claimed that he merely sought to settle an issue with then-coach Umar Rabi, but the latter was unethical in handling the situation, which provoked emotions.

Speaking on Onua Sports, he stated that he just requested a meeting with the coach, which did not go well with him.

“He [Coach Umar Rabi] told players bad things about me in my absence but some of them revealed it to me.

“So I told the coach I wanted to have a conversation with him. I told him it was between only the two of us and didn’t want any third party to know about it. Then he suddenly got angry and began to yell until my teammates started presuming there was an ill relationship between us.

“So I told him to calm down but the issue escalated and I told him he wasn’t being professional.

“You have even gossiped about me to the players but I have kept it cool. I have realized this and I am saying stop it. It would breed confusion among the team if you don’t. You have even said bad things about your chairman to me but I have never told anyone.’

“Then the coach got angry and started talking on top of his voice till the players thought it was a fight.

“So I was given a letter the next day when I arrived at the training ground. It indicated that the coach had made complains about me verbally assaulting him. They also said I had insulted the authorities but they were all false as a lot of people were witnesses. And they added that they were not going to pay me.”

Ahmed Toure added that even though the letter was labelled as ‘indefinite suspension due to indiscipline towards the coach’, the letter was not under any authority’s signature to validate it.

In addition to the suspension, Toure said he was not paid his full salary which is why he decided to seek justice at FIFA.

According to him, he won the case because the defendant [Medeama SC] had nothing right to prove.

Source 3news

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