2025 AFCONQ: We expect Kwesi Appiah to stay professional

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Kwesi Appiah

The Legal and Regulatory Officer of the Sudanese Football Federation, Badreldin Ibrahim has emphasized the importance of professionalism from Kwesi Appiah as Sudan prepares to challenge Ghana’s Black Stars in the qualifiers for the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).
Ghana, grouped with Angola and Niger, must finish among the top two teams in Group F based on points to secure spots in the tournament, scheduled to take place in Morocco.
Kwesi Appiah, a former Black Stars coach and a player, now leads Sudan’s team, raising discussions about potential conflicts of interest.

Addressing these concerns on Angel TV, Badreldin Ibrahim acknowledged the complexity but expressed confidence in Appiah’s ability to handle the situation with professionalism.
“The conflict is there, but it is a unique and emotionally charged situation for Kwasi Appiah,” Ibrahim said.
“Playing against Ghana in the AFCON qualifiers is a test of Coach Kwasi Appiah’s professionalism and his commitment to the Sudanese Football Federation. He has very good experience that he can bring to the table, which can be advantageous for us, but it will be proven when we see the results and performance. But the conflict is there,” he said.
The AFCON qualifiers are set to kick off in September later this year.

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